Moving Cause is a not-for-profit cultural and scientific association based in Porto, Portugal.

Established in 2009, Moving Cause started its activity promoting international projects such as “Bonecas de Ataúro” (Timor) “Galaxy” (Timor) .

We are active in the areas of Permaculture, New Economy, Open Source Technology, Education and Communication. Some of our major projects include the establishment of a local consumers/producers group trading in a local social currency, the creation and management of a large urban permaculture kitchen garden, the promotion of a national Community Supported Agriculture network, regular workshops on permaculture and social collaborative tools (like Dragon Dreaming) and the support for the creation of an alternative education project in our branch in Gerês National Park.

Through our events and workshops, in 2015 we have engaged approximately 400 people around what we like to call “concrete Utopias”; projects that put in place our values of care for land, care for people and fair share!

In our 2016 activity plan, we are looking to increase our local presence and our network of partners around the world in order to bring about the much needed social, economic and individual change that we believe is needed in the World!

Some of our major local partners include institutions like Fundação de Serralves Educational Service, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, local independent radio station Radio Manobras, as well as other local companies and small business that share our values and principles.


Members of the Board  (2015-2016)


Joana Costa (President)

Filipa Almeida (Vice-President)

Pedro Portela (Treasurer)

Fiscal council

Ana Afonso (President)

Fatima São Simão (Vice-President)

Rita Cerqueira (Secretary)

Assembleia Geral

Sara Moreira (Presidente)

Catarina Brito (1st Secretary)

Yassine Benderra (2nd Secretary)

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